Friday, 6 April 2012


Our group agreed to criticize the animation "Upin and": We are a Malaysia (Part 1). We know that it is very famous animation "Upin and" among the people of Malaysia. This animation is also known outside the country because of this unique animated image that emphasizes the people of Malaysia. This animation is also the pride of the people of Malaysia for Malaysian children using animation technology of date. Therefore, our group agreed to criticize aspects of the animation subjectivism, objectivism and relativism, emotivism. This aspect has been criticized based on the four criteria of the audience, behaviour, condition and degree.
In subjectivism aspect, for the first criteria, after watching the animation audience should be able to smile itself suddenly. This is due, in this animated behaviour of the audience could see the main character is very cute playing childhood games like wars game. They play regardless of religion, race and ethnicity. This game is fun because it takes strategy and effective camouflage to attack the enemy. Although they are different races and religions, they still play together. This also makes the audience smile because children can unite each other. Clearly, viewers who have watched this animation will smile because suddenly remembered the characters and events of behaviour shown in the animation. The second criterion, after watching this animation, the audience needs to understand the story for the first time watching it. This is because the story is very easy to understand because this animated show for all ages. Therefore, the director of this story is just using the story that is easily understood and appreciated by all. Although the animation is just a short animated, but viewers can still understand that the messages conveyed by simple audience. The third criterion, after watching this animation, the audience should be interested in his character and remember it until whenever. The main character animation is well known and liked by children. His character is cute, funny behaviour that causes the main character models and animation has become a mascot in a variety of matters involving children. Therefore, this animated character will be remembered so long time.
The next step, I would like to criticize other aspects of the ideas of objectivism and relativism, emotivism. In my opinion, the aspect of relativism cannot be made the assessment. This is due, every animation there have own way to attract viewers. If animation is compared to the animation from overseas who use sophisticated technology, this animation could not match. Objectivism aspect is also not suitable for evaluation. This is because, the animation is not visible from a real-only. If the animation is just a clear, creative thinking cannot be generated. Therefore, the only animation based on real sure about attracting viewers. Aspects of emotivism also not appropriate, as this aspect cannot be explained on the matter is in the animation. This aspect is only relied on certain matters involving emotions only.
As conclusion, the animation is very entertaining those who watch it. Hence, the most appropriate to assess this animation after watching it is an aspect of subjectivism. This is because each individual have their own opinions after seeing a story or animation.

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