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In the five letters he tells the story of beauty and art related stories Schille Friedrich. He tried to change or improve the error and evil in the world of art and study the beauty of women. He feels responsible to answer or explain the problem. He has tried to put it to use the language of philosophy. In addition he is prepared to accept criticism from all ethnic groups and from all sects. He is also willing to deal with the relevant authorities that had been dominated by foreigners.
Through discussion and observation of art and fine art work, Schiller brings us closer to the concept of what is meant by art to the people and the importance of "Homo Ludens" as the concept of man. Schiller admired classical Greece and the arts. He also saw the role of history and freedom are important in discussions of art that have profound meaning. Above all both as poet and thinker Schiller held ideal of freedom to be conclusive. According to Schiller, freedom is achieved when the sensual and rational man fully unified and coherent, but his aesthetic disposition is seen as coming from the City. This letter provides a rich blood with brilliant ideas from readers. It is available with regard to successfully obtain inspiration in considering aesthetic value and nature of the artwork.
He also said now is not the time to be unfavorable to the arts or fine arts. He suggested that such events as a guide to the genius now threatening to remove the idea of art. He also said that art is the freedom for women. That may require guidance and regulations to be given the spirit and not the usual thing. Utilities that idol be followed and not to fear, and it is great power and all honor to his knowledge. However, the utility and power of his art has been lost in this period. In addition, the spirit of his philosophy to investigate the matter had been lost or faded from day to day due to the forces of nature. Science technology touted by him has been absorbed into the minds of everyone present.
Scheller also said that the philosopher is no longer doing research on the art world. However, they like to know and investigate relevant political game. He considered that such people are to be manipulated by certain of itself. In addition to express will default to study and investigate on their own stupidity. This is due to human at present have lost their right to speak and give their opinion of themselves. They will only fight if there are several individuals have expressed their own opinion.
This shows that not only political problems for some individuals, but also can affect the permission granted. This is due, the federal government also reserves the right to voice their opinions. These individuals will work hard for freedom in expressing opinions, so long as they are not able to present their opinions, they will continue to work hard.
In fact, the philosophers of the alarmed and turned to political activity. Why are political because they are such because they think that their luck will play the political game. This is due, they do not think that politicians can control the whole. This depends on our own thoughts to manipulate the law. If we are able to do so, we will be able to stand on its own personality and improve yourself and can also make decisions by itself. In addition, a strong political process and also not involved in any case. Individuals like this are called by the enactment of a rational order to give evidence. This may indicate that the art is no longer foreign to the needs of life. Although a variety of political, aesthetic value goes through before receiving the freedom of beauty. When one realizes that he was in the political game, they will rise and continue to turn away from him, and they will try to break the political chains that shackle.
Schiller is one of the scholars who have been ignored by intellectuals from outside Germany. Together with Lessing, Goethe, and a few men, his resurrection is less influential. Schiller poem too preachy, but can not be translated by normal individuals. However, in the essay, the idea of ​​optimism about change encounter. The matter is a great introduction to this book, which states what is good and not so good. However, the writer Reginald Snell shows that there is much that can be taken from the essence of the philosophy of Schiller rislah if we wish to strive to increase knowledge. His writings can be reading in difficult times and we are very motivated to read because Beethoven has a copy of which has been influenced by him. We also must believe that we can arrive in a state that requires us to deepen our understanding of art, literature and music. This is so because it can transform us to reflect ourselves.
            After doing the reading and analyzing the materials in this book, we shall find that, beauty is a combination of relaxing surroundings of the human senses. This means that people around us is a beauty to every action, thought and attitude to the world. It does not seem to make sense. But is still acceptable because the events that do have reasons and goals against something.
As a conclusion, in the life of every human action is part of the aesthetic. This is so because of our actions, followed by their perspective and experience in the real world. Otherwise, it can be called the beauty in life. All the action is to live a life process. By the realities of human life is beautiful and can not be denied. In addition, the political establishment and the freedom to truly be a moral or an asset to this world. It can tell people that a higher moral and spirit, the philosophy will be more challenging. This thing is a challenge for all types of art books. There are events, which he said, "For art to leave reality, it has to improve his body needs and neediness; forart is the daughter of freedom, and it requires a prescription and the rules given by thespirits needs and not by the matter". We would think that art is no longer deemed practical in life. But for those who think that way it will enhance the understanding of the needs of the self.

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