Thursday, 24 May 2012


The Subjectivism Should Be The Dominant Aesthetic Evaluation Approach As Opposed To Emotivism
1st Speaker

Assalamualaikum and very good evening to lecture and we will debate is topic about the subjevtivism should be the dominant aesthetic evaluation approach as opposed to emotivism..before i start we like to introduce my line of affirmative..i as a first speaker, Samad as a second speaker, Faizal third speaker and Muzaimie the last speaker..okay..i will introduce the meaning is what the subjectivism, dominant, aesthetic evaluation and emotivism..subjectivism means that the something that you can feel in your own and by your idea and it's not on fact..dominant means by the more important or more powerful than the as a same type..the aesthetic is mean the design, centric perspective, aesthetic is one of the dimension of design..evaluation it's mean the judgement...making judgement about amount and number..and the emotivism is about the on feeling like sad, fear, anger and first point is people can understand what the idea conveyed by designer..this is important because audience can understand what the opinion that designer want to say..for example to give opinion about the beauty..designer is a person that they are very understand about the feelings of the designer if designer want to be a dive the opinion, they must think the surrounding of the community..if by using the emotivism only audience should not understand what you can give to audience because by use the feeling only audience should not so understand what you want to second point is something that you can feel by your own self..for the example something that be done we can feel by own, to give the opinion designer will...will easy to purpose the i want to stress up the subjectivism should be dominant aesthetic evaluation approach opposed to emotivism..thank you...

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